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Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens (superstition ranking: 1/32 teams – top 10)

  • Super Bowl and superstition champions: Ravens fans rank as the most superstitious in the NFL, according to the Bud Light NFL Superstition Survey.
  • Consistency is key for a win: Ravens fans rank first in the league for watching games with the same people (48%); they rank second in the league for watching games in the same location (55%), wearing the same article of clothing (48%), drinking the same drink (36%), and saying a certain phrase, cheer or song (34%) to boost team performance.
  • More than any other NFL fans, Ravens fans think that not completing their superstitions will cause their team to miss a winning field goal (25%) or touchdown (25%).
  • More than one in three Ravens fans (37%) believes their superstitious activities actually affect the outcome of the game (more than any other NFL fans).
  • Ravens fans rank fifth in the league (33%) for engaging in activities that try to curse or jinx the opposing team.

Ravens Fan Superstitions:

  • “I was sitting on the edge of a table we have in the family room when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2002, so now every game I sit in that exact spot.” – Male, Age 21-29
  •  “Everyone in the house must be wearing a jersey. We make a big dinner for every game, and whoever is at our house for the first game has to be there for every game of the season.” – Female, Age 30-39
  • “I wash the car every Saturday before a Ravens game, I always get wings for a night time game, and I have specific clothes (jersey, jeans) that I wear for every game. My family and I all sit in the same spot for each game.” – Male, Age 40-49

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