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Bud Light Superstitions Machine Brings Game Day Rituals to Life

Machine to be featured in first-of-its-kind live stream on 

Every football fan has a superstitious game day ritual.  It may be sitting in the same spot, eating the same pre-game meal or wearing the same jersey.  Whatever it is, there’s little doubt it impacts the outcome of the game, right?

This season, Bud Light will prove that a little luck goes a long way with the new Bud Light Superstitions Machine, a real-life machine fans control virtually that will provide luck to their team in the physical world.

Fans, 21 and older, will be able to power the Bud Light Superstitions Machine through a homepage takeover on where they can bestow “luck” to one of the two teams playing.  More importantly, fans will be able to see their luck come to life through a first-of-its-kind live stream that will play as part of the takeover.

The live stream will feature hosts Patrick Jordan and Joshua Elijah Reese watching and cheering for opposing teams while the Bud Light Superstitions Machine hovers above their heads.  The Superstitions Machine will inch left or right based on which team receives the most luck, and once a team tallies 500 votes, the machine will perform that week’s superstitious ritual to help fuel them to victory.  Joshua and Patrick will then react in real-time to the action on the field to gauge the impact the fans’ luck has on the game.

Each week will feature a different superstitious ritual, beginning with an extreme version of “knocking on wood.”  Armed with a giant metal fist, the Bud Light Superstitions Machine won’t just knock on wooden boards; it will shatter them.  Why?  Well, as they say, “overkill is underrated.”

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Viewers will be able to interact with the stream beyond determining which host will receive luck from the Superstitions Machine.  Fans can also ask the hosts questions, participate in polls or even suggest rituals for future editions by using the hashtag #BudLightLive.

The Bud Light Superstitions Machine was designed in partnership with DeepLocal and AKQA and took three weeks to build.  It is housed in Pittsburgh, Pa., where each edition of the live stream will be filmed.

The Bud Light Superstitions Machine live stream will debut this Sunday with a homepage takeover on, before moving to every Monday this season.

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