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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills (superstition ranking: 9/32 teams – top 10)

  • Almost one third of Bills fans (31%) believe their superstitious activities actually affect the outcome of the game.
  • Eat, win, repeat: Bills fans are most likely to superstitiously eat the same food every game (33%) to boost team performance.
  • More than any other in the NFL, Bills fans are most likely to set out some kind of team memorabilia (27%) and then touch, kiss, rub or hold it (20%) for the win.
  • Bills fans rank second in the league for having their game-day superstitions result in an ended relationship (7%), a friend’s refusal to watch the game with them (12%) or mockery via social media (9%).
  • Twenty-seven percent of Bills fans believe that not doing their game-day superstition has resulted in a Buffalo loss.
  • That’s commitment! Bills fans rank fifth in the league (10%) for letting their superstitious activities interfere with their ability to actually watch or enjoy the game.

Bills Fan Superstitions:

  •  “I get my Bills hat on and place various Bills items around the living room.” – Male, Age 40-49
  • “I spend all morning making buffalo wings with my special sauce that I only make during the season for game day.” – Female, Age 50-59
  • “I wear the same jersey every game, even if it hasn’t been washed. I also keep Bills memorabilia on hand near the TV.” – Female, Age 60-69
  • “My dog wears my Bills jersey from when I wake up to kick-off, and that’s when I put it on.” – Male, Age 50-59
  • “I set up my stuffed buffalo to watch the game with me.” – Female, Age 40-49

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