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Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers (superstition ranking: 10/32 teams – top 10)

  • Almost one-third of Panthers fans (31%) believe their superstitious activities actually affect the outcome of the game.
  • That’s dedication: Panthers fans are four times more likely than the average NFL fan to have a relationship end due to their game-day superstitions (8% versus the NFL fan average of 2%).
  • Panthers fans are most likely (12%) to have friends refuse to watch football with them due to their game-day superstitions (compared to the NFL fan average, 6%).
  • Eleven percent of Panthers fans (more than any other NFL fans) have been mocked or made fun of on social media due to their game-day superstitions.
  • Sip, win, repeat: Panthers fans are most likely to superstitiously drink the same drink (38%) to boost team performance.
  • Panthers fans grab a Bud Light for the win; 24% incorporate the official beer sponsor of the NFL into their game-day superstitions or rituals.
  • That’s commitment! Panthers fans rank second in the league (13%) for allowing their superstitious activities to interfere with their ability to actually watch or enjoy the game.
  • Blood, sweat, tears and the occasional mustard stain: Panthers fans rank second in the league for wearing an unwashed jersey for good luck (17%). Only Arizona Cardinals fans are dirtier.

Panthers Fan Superstitions

  • “My rule is if anyone comes into the room while I’m watching the game and something good happens for the Panthers then they have to stay. Not until a turnover or flag can they leave.” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “I put on my Carolina jersey and make Carolina Hot Wings.” – Female, Age 40-49
  • “I make sure I am sitting in my favorite chair with a glass of cold water before kick-off, because if I don’t, they do not win the coin toss. After half time I can’t sit in my favorite chair anymore. I have to sit on the family couch.” – Male, Age 21-29

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