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Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos (superstition ranking: 25/32 teams – bottom 10)

  • It’s not me, it’s you: Seventy-seven percent of Denver fans (more than any other NFL fans) believe fellow Broncos are more superstitious than themselves.
  • More than one-fourth of Broncos fans (26%) believe their superstitious activities actually affect the outcome of the game.
  • Broncos fans rank fifth in the league (4%) for having a relationship end due to their game-day superstitions.
  • One in five Denver fans believe that not doing a game-day superstition has resulted in a Broncos loss (21%) or the opposing team scoring (20%).
  • Superstitious socializing: Forty-three percent of female Broncos fans watch the game with the same person/people to help the team win (compared to 31% of male Broncos fans).
  • It takes two: Broncos rank sixth in the league (30%) for performing their game-day superstitions with a significant other.

Broncos Fan Superstitions:

  • “I sit in the middle of the couch, wearing a Broncos hat and shirt, holding a rabbit’s foot.” – Male, Age 50-59
  • “I wear all of my Denver Broncos clothing items, put out my flag, and decorate my house with everything I own.” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “I have a lucky silver dollar that I place on the coffee table.” – Male, Age 50-59
  • “When my roommate and I watch the games, we have certain seats on the couch that we must be occupying. We refuse to change seats.” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “I wear my lucky Broncos t-shirt! I make nachos with black beans and cheddar every game! Blue n’ Orange Game Nachos is what we call them!” – Female, Age 21-29

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