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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles (superstition ranking: 5/32 teams – top 10)

  • Eagles fans rank fifth in the league for watching games in the same location (53%) or saying a certain saying, phrase, cheer or song (31%) for the win.
  • Eagles fans rank ninth in the league (31%) for believing their superstitious activities affect the outcome of the game.
  • Eagles fans rank fourth in the league for believing that not doing their game-day superstitions has resulted in an opposing team score (25%).
  • Women wear it for the win. Almost half of female Eagles fans (44%) wear the same article of clothing every game to boost team performance (compared to 33% of male Eagles fans).
  • It’s not me, it’s you: Seventy-two percent of Philly fans believe fellow Eagles fans are more superstitious than themselves.

Eagles Fan Superstitions:

  • “I always wear my lucky hat.” – Male, Age 21-29
  • “I rub my lucky eagle feather.” – Female, Age 21-29
  • “My husband has to stay in the kitchen during certain parts of the game because of a game that took place over 15 years ago.” – Female, Age 40-49
  •  “I make sure my Eagles beach towel is perfectly situated over the back of my couch.” – Male, Age 40-49
  • “I turn off the game if the team is doing very well to not change the team’s luck.” – Male, Age 50-59

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